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A ‘one-stop-shop’ to improve the health of people and the planet.

Registered Charity Number: 1196575

About Us

At the heart of Blossom is the desire for people to be happier and healthier. Blossom offers food growing workshops and opportunities to learn to cook from scratch. A love of nature, the environment and sharing how personal lifestyle changes can impact climate change is key to everything we do at Blossom.

Based in South Manchester in gorgeous Wythenshawe Park, Blossom offer volunteering opportunities and workshops.

The team at Blossom:

Blossom’s aim is to promote the wellbeing of people and the planet through positive activity, reconnecting people with the food we eat, enjoyment of nature and to protect and promote biodiversity. Along with their valued volunteers, the Blossom team has a wealth of experience working in Wythenshawe and South Manchester and pride themselves on supporting people to build confidence to make lasting change.

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